About BexGroup
BexGroup is the holding company for several businesses in the agricultural and logistics value chain. The company is a South African based family owned business founded in 1994. BexGroup expanded over the years and today has an international footprint.

BexGroup’s growth and success is fueled by the mission statement of creating and adding value for all the stakeholders that consist of clients, personnel and shareholders. We are constantly working to create a better future for everyone who is involved with us. Change motivates us to transcend the norms and set new benchmarks. It keeps us relevant, on top of new developments and sensitive to market indicators. It propels us into a future that is informed by every innovative building block constructed in the present. We don’t seek change for the sake of changing; we pursue change in the interest of progress. That is the mantra we live by. That, in simple terms, is the path BexGroup has chosen for itself.


Bester Feed and Grain (Pty) Ltd
Bester is an agricultural trading company that specialises in the domestic and international marketing of grain, oil seeds and animal feed ingredients.
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Bester Fruit and Nuts (Pty) Ltd
Bester Fruit & Nuts is the export division of BexGroup currently specialising in the pecan nut export market.
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Bester Namibia (Pty) Ltd
Bester Namibia is a Namibian registered Company established to accommodate all the Namibian produce exported to other African Countries.
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Bester Zambia (Pty) Ltd
Bester Zambia specialises in the procurement and trading of animal feed raw materials and grain which are sourced directly from approved farmers, oilseed crushers and millers.
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Bester Derivative Trading (Pty) Ltd
Bester Derivative Trading (BDT) aims to offer participants in the commodity markets with price hedging solutions which suit each client’s unique situation. BDT focuses on commodities traded through the SAFEX Agricultural Commodities Division and SAFEX Global Commodities Division.
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Bextrans (Pty) Ltd
Bextrans provides market-leading logistical solutions and services throughout Southern Africa.
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Zakma Logistics (Pty) Ltd
Zakma is a logistics company that specialises in the bulk transportation of mining products in South Africa. Zakma complies to Level 3 BBBEE codes and is managed by Bexfleet.
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Klipheuwel Park
Klipheuwel Park is a transport depot, situated in Cape Town.
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National Pride (Pty) Ltd
National Pride is a lucerne processing plant situated in Jan Kempdorp, Northern Cape.
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Treonne (Pty) Ltd
Treonne is an Intellectual Capital driven company producing technological advanced products in the animal feed sector.
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Vaalharts Depot
The main functions of this processing plant are sizing, grading and cracking of pecan nuts.
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Moorreesburg Silobag Depot
Moorreesburg Silobag Depot (MSD) is situated in the Swartland region of the Western Cape, near Moorreesburg. At this depot, grain is stored in silobags.
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Bester Farm Storage
Bester Farm Storage is a service to Grain producers who are clients of Bester Feed and Grain.
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Holding Company

A family-owned business in South Africa founded in 1994.

Business Sectors

Operating in the agricultural and logistics value chain.


With local and international business interests.


Who all pursue change in the interest of progress.